bruh demote flydoggy

Discussion in 'Player Reports' started by Zac Joyce, Jul 6, 2018.

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    1. IGN (Your in-game name): splashers
    2. The rulebreaker’s IGN: FlyDoggy
    3. Why do you think the user should be punished? hes mod but he abuses so many times he legit muted me without a warn just a straight up mute for 15 mins like tf he mutes me and glown bc he doesn't like s dont u think thats a little unfair? i do and so does glown
    4. Evidence (Screenshots/

    (Both of the kids talking shit about me while im muted pissed me off)
    (Ender_Games_YT even saying that doggy was toxic af and he called me a kid and cleared chat after he say something to me that i didn't even get to see but whatever ----- New player keep that in mind)

    Just saying Doggy is annoying and some staff say (Jerky for example) dont know why he got mod so yea just take a good look into this for me please thank you
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    Add proof.

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