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Discussion in 'Denied' started by Djuras69, Jul 2, 2018.

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    1. Basic Information:
    • Minecraft Username: Djuras69
    • Previous Usernames: Didnt have one
    • Age (15+): 16 years old.
    • Timezone: Central European Time (CET)
    • Discord tag: BenjaminPiranic#2613
    • Playtime (/statz): Im new to the server.
    2. Have you ever been punished on LuxMC? Yes/ No. (If so, explain what happened)
    I have never been punished on LuxMC.

    3. Do you have any previous moderation experience? Yes / No. (If so, explain as much as possible and if you have any kind of proof add it as well)
    I honestly have zero experience in moderation on any other servers. Although, I always try to look out for other players on any server, regardless of a staff rank. I am always willing to answer questions.

    4. How much time will you be able to spend per week in-game and how much on the forums?
    I will play all day all night.Not precisly but i will be online a lot .

    5. In what ways will your presence benefit our Staff team and server?
    I am kind to other people and i will like to help other players new/old. I am constantly looking to help others in the community, even if a question is simplistic. I always tell people the truth. If I don't know the answer to something, I will look it up in order to educate myself and help the people around me.

    6. Why should we accept you over someone else?
    I am hard-working. I like to try out new things like a staff or other.I dont know if other players are active on servers like me.

    7. Have you made any previous applications? Yes / No. (If so, please provide a link)
    I have never apply on this forum/server but i did apply on others.

    8. Did a Staff member refer you to apply? (If this is the case, please tell us which staff member referred you).
    I asked where can i apply for staff JayCondale told me nicely /apply. Thanks to him

    9. Do you have any issues with the current Staff team?
    Every staff is so nice to players, i didnt have no problems with staff and no one will have.

    10. Scenario: People are accusing a player of using hacks, you spectate the player for a couple of minutes and see him using Kill Aura. How would you handle this situation?
    I would have to record the player to gain proof. I would then forward the video to admin. If thats true that hes hacking he will get banned for Kill aura

    11. Scenario: You're the only staff member online. Too many people are asking questions and you have to leave and go do things outside of Minecraft. How would you handle this situation?
    Im not selfish im not gonna order other staff to come on the server to answer the questions so. I will tell nicely that i have a meeting or something like that or i have a job out of minecraft.

    12. Do you have anything else to say?
    For the first time i joined the server i'd liked it a lot and staff are kind.So i loved to be a staff member to help the server. Thank you.
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    Hey Thanks for your time of applying but one of the recommendations for staff is having 50hours in game. I Also see a few grammatical errors in this application.

    Status : PENDING
    Application Status : Open
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    Hi Djuras,

    Thanks for applying here over at LuxMC, we love to see player apply for a staff position.

    Sadly, I'm going to deny this application due to lack of detail and not having the required playtime.
    Feel free to reapply when you've reached the 50 hour requirement.

    Yours sincerely,

    Status: DENIED
    Thread CLOSED

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