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    1. Basic Information:Active: I am extremely active and as a staff member this is very important because the more active you are the more people you can definitely help out. I

    • Minecraft Username:KeepingUp
    • Previous Usernames:KeepHackinq,I0W,_xDarkPvpx_,UltraMiner2003. [ All Information found at Name Mc KeepingUp
    • Age (15+): At the current moment I am 14 years old becoming 15 on September 15th.
    • Timezone:pST
    • Discord tag:KeepingUp#8471
    • Playtime (/statz): I haven't been on the server for about 2 months or so but I am looking forward to getting a lot of play time since luxmc ha just made a reawakening for me. Current playtime : 1.81hours
    2. Have you ever been punished on LuxMC? Yes/ No. (If so, explain what happened) I have not been punished on LuxMc as it is one of the most amazing servers that I have ever come across I am not looking forward to getting punished.

    3. Do you have any previous moderation experience? Yes / No. (If so, explain as much as possible and if you have any kind of proof add it as well)
    HCNations: Mod 100 - 300
    I applied on HCNations when the server just released and got accepted as a Trial-Mod. In the time I was a Trial-Mod I learned a lot about how to be a proper staff member, When I finally got promoted to Mod I was able to a lot more and learn more than I already learned even more then I did as a Trial-Mod.

    SagePvP: Manager 40 - 90
    I started off as an Admin on SagePvP due to the fact my good friends we're the owners of the server...
    I did work my way up to Manager but unfortunately, the server shut down cause the owners didn't have enough money to keep the server up...

    4. How much time will you be able to spend per week in-game and how much on the forums? Weekdays
    monday: 4-6 Hours
    Tuesday 3-5 Hours
    Wednesday 4-7 Hours
    Thursday 3-6 Hours
    Friday 5-9 Hours

    Saturday 6-9 Hours
    Sunday 5-8 Hours

    monday: 1-2 hours
    Tuesday: 1-2 Hours
    Wednesday: 1-2 Hours
    Thursday: 1-2 Hours
    Friday: 2-3 hours
    Saturday: 2-3 Hours
    Sunday: 2-3 Hours

    5. In what ways will your presence benefit our Staff team and server? I will go on and learn many new things from the current staff team. Throughout my experience with the staff team, I will learn many new things about the server and will understand the rules better. This is honestly a great opportunity and I can't wait to have everyone on board and just have a great time on LuxMc. I am hoping I can have many pleasurable times with the staff team and I am hoping I add a lot to my experiences with a staff team.

    6. Why should we accept you over someone else?
    Dedication: I am an extremely dedicated person towards the staff members and if I was accepted I would definitely put a lot of time and effort towards the server and would help out as best as I possibly could. My dedication towards staff members is extraordinary because I simply love to help players and because I like to be a staff member this makes me work a lot better than many other staff members would.

    Maturity: I am very mature for my age and would never act immature as a staff member because that is highly unskilled and looked down upon. As a staff member, I want to be looked up to so that makes me feel more of a leader and makes me more mature towards the role of a staff member. If a staff member was immature I would show my maturity and tell them to either stop or report them providing proof as I do not think as a staff member anyone should be immature at all.

    Toxic: As a staff member of the community I would never be toxic towards another staff member or any other players because that makes me look more professional and it is a terrible and immature type of thing to do to be toxic towards another player amongst this community. I have been toxic in the past but I haven't been toxic recently and would never plan on being toxic ever again because it is a dumb and silly thing to do especially if you are a current staff member.

    Learning and Teaching: I would try my hardest to learn from other staff members to gain more knowledge as a staff member and this would make me a lot better as a staff member, it would also show that I am dedicated to learning as much as possible to become a highly better staff member. I would also show my maturity and how professional I am by teaching other staff members stuff that maybe they might not know to help improve their skills as well so we can become the best staff members ever amongst the LuxMc community.

    7. Have you made any previous applications? Yes / No. (If so, please provide a link)
    I have not made a staff application on LuxMc. However, I have made many staff applications on many other servers but have resigned.

    8. Did a Staff member refer you to apply? (If this is the case, please tell us which staff member referred you).
    No, No staff member referred for me to apply I have made a decision my self.

    9. Do you have any issues with the current Staff team? At the current moment, the staff is very kind and a pleasure to have in the community. I think all staff should have a positive attitude and do their best to help as many people. This is the current situation that all the staff is doing.

    10. Scenario: People are accusing a player of using hacks, you spectate the player for a couple of minutes and see him using Kill Aura. How would you handle this situation? As all staff does I would start off by recording proof to go forward and beyond to ban the player. If a player is using kill aura which is likely to come with a hacked client it clearly states in the rules that hacking is not allowed. I will take action once I have enough proof and ban the player. [Permenant Ban]

    11. Scenario: You're the only staff member online. Too many people are asking questions and you have to leave and go do things outside of Minecraft. How would you handle this situation? Usually, my family doesn't take things too seriously. I could latch off and help as many people while at the same time trying to get other staff members online so I can take a little break and come back and help more people. I think this should be done by any staff member before leaving.

    12. Do you have anything else to say?
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    So You Dont Meet the requirements Hour Wise to apply for staff I recommend re applying when you have 50hours or more so you meet the requirements for staff.

    Please Reapply When You Meet the Hour Requirement

    Status : Denied
    Application : Locked

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