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    Any decisions made by our Staff team are made final.


    1. The use of any Hacked client is strictly forbidden.
    Punishment: Permanent ban.

    2. A macro that affects gameplay, for example a macro that fights or mines for you while you dont move is not allowed.
    Punishment: Permanent ban.

    3. Impersonating staff or other players is not allowed.
    Punishment: 1 day ban.

    4. Chest shop scamming is not allowed, this is when you attempt to scam someone with the chest shop feature on prison.
    Punishment: 5-day ban for first offence. (In an instance of previous scamming, this will be a 1-month ban)

    5. You're allowed to have only 5 max. accounts online at any given time.
    Punishment: 2-week ban for alts and a 2-day ban for the main account.

    6. Do not block sell signs at warps.
    Punishment: 1-hour ban.

    7. Having inappropriate builds on your plot is not allowed.
    Punishment: Plot clear (without a chance of stored items being returned) and 1-day ban.

    8. Abusing a glitch is strictly forbidden.
    Punishment: 7-day ban or perm ban, depending on the severity of the abuse and the items used/glitched.

    9. Inappropriate usernames are not allowed.
    Punishment: Mute until the username has been changed.

    10. Do not bypass mutes. (signs/HelpOp/books)
    Punishment: Bypassing it will double the existing mute time.

    11. Do not use an inappropriate skin or cape.
    Punishment: Temporary ban until changed.

    12. Saying anything inappropriate in chat is not allowed.
    Punishment: 15-minute mute.

    13. Disrespecting, bullying or harassing another player is not allowed (includes hostile arguments).
    Punishment: Disrespecting or less serious cases will result in a 15-minute mute. Bullying or constant harassment can be a permanent mute or a ban depending on the severity of the said offence.

    14. Bypassing the chat filter is not allowed.
    Punishment: 15-minute mute.

    15. Spamming chat with the same message more than threee times, overuse of caps, or too many letters or symbols in a single sentence is not allowed.
    Punishment: 10-minute mute for first offence

    16. TP-Killing is not allowed. (Making someone teleport to you or someone else and then killing them).
    Punishment: In case of an attempt but not successful tp kill, the one attempting it will be warned. In case of a successful tpkill it is a 2-day ban.

    17. Glitching out of or into places that you clearly shouldn't be at is punishable.
    Punishment: Up to a 3-day ban.

    18. Speaking in languages besides English in the main chat is currently not allowed.
    Punishment: In case of it being a first time offence it will first be 2 warns, and then a 5-10min mute. After that, up to a 1-day mute.

    19. Posting links in the global chat is not allowed.
    Punishment: Players posting LuxMC related links or youtube videos about LuxMC will be warned first in case of a first-time offence.
    Players posting shortened links and links that aren't related to the LuxMC in any way will be permanently muted and/or temporarily banned.



    1. Advertising an IP of another server is not allowed even it was accidental or not. (This includes advertising in books and on signs!)

    Punishment: Permanent ban (without a chance of appeal).
    (This includes advertising in books and on signs!)

    2. Threats to ddos or hack another player are not allowed.
    Punishment: 14-day ban.

    3. Selling in-game items/money for real money or items (For example: "Offering 5 tril in-game money for $20 real money!") is not allowed.
    Punishment: Warning, then perm ban.

    4. Racism is NOT tolerated.
    Punishment: 30-minute to 3-day Ban depending on severity. (Bypassing the filter with racial slurs will be a permanent mute or a temporary 3-day ban without a warning).

    5. Mentioning server names is not allowed. if you say, for example, ''Join <server name> for a reward!'' you will be permanently banned.
    Mentioning a name in casual conversations with non-malicious intentions will be a warning and then a mute (in case of first offence just a warning)

    Punishment: Permanent ban or if first offence, warn and then a 7 day mute.

    6. Fake messaging, or tricking players into using unwanted commands is not allowed.
    Punishment: 2-hour mute

    7. Do not ask staff for free items, or OP.
    Punishment: 15-minute mute.

    8. Do not Hackusate in global chat, only /msg to report rule breakers or report them on forums.
    Punishment: 15-minute mute.

    9. Withholding critical evidence from the staff is not allowed.
    Punishment: 2 days or 1-month ban, really depending on the information withheld.

    10. Scamming real money is not allowed.
    Punishment: Permanent ban.

    11. Scamming in-game items or game money is not allowed.
    Punishment: 21-day ban (if scammer complies with staff, and gives items back to the scammed player, ban WILL be reduced to 7 days (reduced by 2 weeks).

    12. Revealing personal or otherwise personal information about someone else or yourself is not allowed. (e.g. Alternative accounts, Name, Address, IP Address, personal pictures)
    Punishment: If you're revealing personal information about someone else it will be a permanent ban and possibly a report to the revealers local authorities. If you're revealing personal information about yourself it will be a warning and then a mute. Revealing alternative account of staff/regular players against their will is an immediate 5 minute mute (then following the mute format).

    13. Boosting with your alts (kills/keys/ranks/money, etc.) is not allowed.
    Punishment: Temp ban for alts and depending on what was boosted, a stat reset or item confiscation.

    NB! If it is your first chat offence you will first be warned. Ignoring that warn and continuing to break rules will end with a mute (stacking applies).
    For severe chat offences, warning before punishment is not needed - can be mute/kicked/banned right after the player has broken the rule.

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