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    Any decisions made by our Staff team are made final.


    1. The use of any Hacked client is strictly forbidden.
    Punishment: Permanent ban.

    2. A macro that affects gameplay, for example a macro that fights or mines for you while you dont move is not allowed.
    Punishment: Permanent ban.

    3. Impersonating staff or other players is not allowed.
    Punishment: 3 day ban.

    4. Chest shop scamming is not allowed, this is when you attempt to scam someone with the chest shop feature on prison.
    Punishment: 5-day ban for first offence. (In an instance of previous scamming, this will be a 1-month ban)

    5. You're allowed to have only 5 max. accounts online at any given time.
    Punishment: 2-week ban for alts and a 2-day ban for main account.

    6. PvP logging is not allowed, when you are combat tagged and you log out to evade death.
    Punishment: 1-hour ban.

    7. Do not block sell signs at warps.
    Punishment: 2-hour ban.

    8. Having inappropriate builds on your plot is not allowed.
    Punishment: Plot clear (without a chance of stored items being returned) and 1d ban.

    9. Abusing a glitch is strictly forbidden.
    Punishment: 7 days or perm ban, depending on the severity of the abuse and the items used.

    10. Inappropriate usernames are not allowed.
    Punishment: Mute until the username has been changed.

    11. Do not bypass mutes with signs/named/HelpOp/books.
    Punishment: Bypassing it will double the existing mute time.

    12. Do not use an inappropriate skin or cape.
    Punishment: Permanent ban until changed.

    13. Saying anything inappropriate in chat is not allowed.
    Punishment: 15-minute mute.

    14. Disrespecting, bullying or harassing another player is not allowed.
    Punishment: Disrespecting or less serious cases will result in a 15-minute mute. Bullying or constant harassment is a permanent mute or a ban depending on the severity of the said offence.

    15. Bypassing the chat filter is not allowed.
    Punishment: 15-minute mute.

    16. Spamming chat with the same message more than threee times, overuse of caps, or too many letters or symbols in a single sentence is not allowed.
    Punishment: 10-minute mute for first offence

    17. Boosting with your alts (kills/keys/ranks/money, etc.) is not allowed.
    Punishment: Temp ban for alts and depending on what was boosted, a stat reset or item confiscation.

    18. TP-Killing is not allowed. (Making someone teleport to you or someone else and then killing them).
    Punishment: In case of an attempt but not successful tp kill, the one attempting it will be warned. In case of a successful tpkill it is a 2-day ban.



    1. Advertising an IP of another server is not allowed even it was accidental or not. (This includes advertising in books and on signs!)

    Punishment: Permanent ban (without a chance of appeal).
    (This includes advertising in books and on signs!)

    2. Threats to ddos or hack another player are not allowed.
    Punishment: 14-day ban.

    3. Selling in-game items/money for real money or items (For example: "Offering 5 tril ingame-money for $20 real money!") is not allowed.
    Punishment: Warning, then perm ban.

    4. Racism is NOT tolerated.
    Punishment: 30-minute to 3-day Ban depending on severity. (Bypassing the filter with racial slurs will be a permanent mute or a temporary 3-day ban without a warning).

    5. Mentioning server names is not allowed. if you say, for example, ''Join <server name> for a reward!'' you will be permanently banned.
    Mentioning a name in casual conversations with non-malicious intentions will be a warning and then a mute (in case of first offence just a warning)

    Punishment: Permanent ban or if first offence, warn and then a 7 day mute.

    6. Fake messaging, or tricking players into using unwanted commands is not allowed.
    Punishment: 2-hour mute

    7. Do not ask staff for free items, or OP.
    Punishment: 1-day mute.

    8. Do not Hackusate in global chat, only use /HelpOp or /msg to report rule breakers or to ask serious questions from staff.
    Punishment: 30-minute mute.

    9. Withholding critical evidence from staff is not allowed.
    Punishment: 7 days or 1-month ban, depending on the information withheld.

    10. Scamming real money is not allowed.
    Punishment: Permanent ban.

    11. Scamming in-game items or game money is nott allowed.
    Punishment: 21-day ban (if scammer complies with staff, and gives items back to the scammed player, ban WILL be reduced to 7 days (reduced by 2 weeks).

    12. Revealing personal or otherwise personal information about someone else or yourself is not allowed. (e.g. Alternative accounts, Name, Address, IP Address, personal pictures)
    Punishment: If you're revealing personal information about someone else it will be a permanent ban. If you're revealing personal information about yourself it will be a warning and then a mute. Revealing alternative account of staff/regular players against their will is an immediate 5 minute mute (then following the mute format).

    NB! If it is your first chat offence you will first be warned. Ignoring that warn and continuing to break rules will end with a mute (stacking applies).
    For severe chat offences, warning before punishment is not needed - can be mute/kicked/banned right after the player has broken the rule.


    Disrespect, Bypass, Racism, and Inappropriate behaviour punishments will stack using the following format:
    1st 10 minutes.
    2nd 20 minutes.
    3rd 60 minutes.
    4th 5 hours.
    5th 10 hours.
    6th 12 hours.
    7th 2 days.
    8th 3 days.
    9th 5 days.
    10th 7 days.
    Past this point, depending on the severity of the rule breaking, staff is allowed to permanently mute the player.


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