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Discussion in 'Denied' started by RedBandit__, Sep 30, 2017.

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  1. RedBandit__

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    1. 15 years of age √
    2. A working microphone √
    3. 10-hour playtime per week √
    4. Never been banned/muted before (you only may be warned less than 3 times) √√√
    5. Ability to work under stress (Being a Staff member could be a stressful job) √

    The Format:

    1. Basic Information:
    Minecraft Username: RedBandit__
    Previous Usernames: Minecraftmanrw Christmasmanrw, R3dBqndit_
    Age (15+): i am 13
    Timezone: PST
    Discord tag: R3dBqndit_√
    Playtime (/stats): 1.77 Hours
    2. Have you ever been punished on The Tomb? Yes/ No. (If so, explain what happened)

    No, I do not believe so.

    3. Do you have any previous moderation experience? Yes / No. (If so, explain as much as possible and if you have any kind of proof add it as well)

    Yes, I have been a co-owner on a slightly unsuccessfull server, Beast Cookie, aswell as the I-Network server chain, specifically on OP-Prison, though I have had some expierence working on factions servers, and I know the basic rules for most servers, know how to deal with spammers, hackers, etc., and I have minor experience with working with console and plugins. I have also worked on several other servers as an unofficial staff, while helping with building, plugins, ideas, and terraforming.

    4. How much time will you be able to spend per week in-game and how much on the forums?

    Due to my constant being in school, 7th grade homework, and projects-not including family life and personal life- I will not be able to be on forums for very long, but will most likely be on during weekends for several hours.

    5. In what ways will your presence benefit our Staff team and server?

    I know the rules for factions servers, know how to identify hackers, deal with spammers, and stay calm under pressuring situations. I am an excellent builder, and have been payed several times for building, or assisting in building spawns, pvp zones, terraforming, maps, etc. I am also very user interactive, and as I am a Boy Scout , I know how to handle stressful, or painful situations, virtually and physically. I am usually identified as a favourite, or liked staff because of this, as I am constantly user friendly, and rarely get mad at players, but I will be just and fair.

    6. Why should we accept you over someone else?

    I have specific skills that other staff may not be capable of. As I have stated earlier, I stay calm in these situations, and know how to handle stressful situations and reason with people. I may also assist, or lead, building projects and create master pieces of epic proportion, with the correct help that is.

    7. Have you made any previous applications? Yes / No. (If so, please provide a link)

    Yes, but unfortunately, I was not able to find the link to my previous application.

    8. Did a Staff member refer you to apply? (If this is the case, please tell us which staff member referred you).

    Yes, Laserss, also known as Lqsers, refered me to join this server, as I have worked with him on other servers before.

    9. Do you have any issues with the current Staff team?

    No, the staff, as far as I have seen, are very calm and reservative and know how to deal everything they should know how to deal with.

    10. Scenario: People are accusing a player of using hacks, you spectate the player for a couple of minutes and see him using Kill Aura. How would you handle this situation?

    I would ban the player for several days, or a permanent ban. If I cannot ban the player, due to lack of commands, I would report it directly to a higher staff or carbon to ban the player.

    11. Scenario: You're the only staff member online. Too many people are asking questions and you have to leave and go do things outside of Minecraft. How would you handle this situation?

    I would suggest that they go to the forum, or I would get another staff online as soon as possible to answer their questions.

    12. Do you have anything else to say?

    I would love to work on this server and improve its quality, Its a great server, and reach the point of having 20 players on at all times, at least.
  2. Lqsers

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    +0.75 I loved the detail and your general professionalism. Although I wish you added more writing into this application. Overall, I think this is a good application. Good luck!
    Lqsers - TheTomb Trial
  3. Sooverix

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    Hello, @RedBandit__ ,

    Thank you for applying at The Tomb. Your application has been denied as you don't meet the requirements to be a Staff member at The Tomb.

    You may re-apply when you meet the certain requirements:

    1. 15 years of age
    2. A working microphone
    3. 10-hour playtime per week
    4. Never been banned/muted before (You only may be warned less than 3 times)
    5. Ability to work under stress (Being a Staff member could be a stressful job)

    Kind regards,
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