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    Season 2 has ended! Because this season was somewhat dry and during a busy time, advertisement was set aside and the season didn't do quite so well. Because of this, FTOP will look like this:

    Fear #1: $250 Buycraft coupon
    Hostile #2: $100 Buycraft coupon
    zoomerz #3: $50 Buycraft coupon

    Coupons will be given to faction players as soon as possible. Winning faction leaders must message me with everyone who participated in the faction. Do not message me the names of alts. Alts will not receive a portion of the coupon.

    Thanks everyone for participating this season! Trust me, season 3 will be incredible. I'm putting more money toward advertisement.

    Season 3 begins January 6th @ 11AM EST! Sorry for the delay, but we'll be posting updates to keep you guys interested.

    See you guys on The Tomb,
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    Congratulations to everyone that won!

    See you in Season 3 :)


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