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    Hello Everyone,

    I hope you guys like the new changes in Season 3! Make sure to join PLAY.LUXMC.NET on SEPTEMBER 8TH @ 1PM EST to experience them.


    NEW 5 Brand New Custom Enchants and Custom Enchant Updates.
    • NEW Lightning - bows - 1 level - zap your target... along with everyone else within a 5 block radius of your target (this also includes you). Adjacent players to the target only receive 50% of the amount of damage as the main target.
    • NEW Life Steal - swords - 2 levels - steal your opponent's health and use it as your own. The higher the level, the more effective it is.
    • NEW Tank - chestplates - 2 levels - receive permanent slowness and strength while wearing this enchantment. The higher the level, the more powerful you become.
    • NEW Health Boost - chestplates - 3 levels - take extra hearts while wearing this enchantment. Each level represents an additional heart.
    • NEW Coin Magnet - pickaxes - 1 level - occasionally find Lux Coins while mining. A slow process, but effective in the long run.
    • UPDATED Venom, Wither, and Blinding. Venom has received a buff. It is slightly more potent. Wither and Blinding effects will last slightly shorter than seen in previous seasons.
    • UPDATED Explosion can now be applied to shovels.
    NEW Backpacks. Backpacks allow players to store additional items and blocks. Mined blocks go straight into your backpack. Whenever you right click your pickaxe, all sellable items in your backpack will be sold. Simply right click your backpack to open it.
    NEW One in the Quiver event! We've finally released another event. Everyone starts with a sword, a bow, and one arrow. Every time you kill someone, you get an extra arrow. Everyone starts with 3 lives. Last man standing wins.
    NEW Mining Rewards. Players will now receive one time and repeating rewards. View all current rewards with /rewards in game.
    NEW Daily Rewards. Head over to /spawn and left click the charged creeper to receive rewards. There is a 24 hour cooldown.
    NEW Hub. Players will now join the hub before selecting a gamemode to play. The hub contains cosmetics and a parkour.
    NEW Purchase a donor rank to receive discord perks and benefits off our store. Visit Type /key in Hub to receive further instructions.
    NEW Twitter for updates, giveaways, and advertisement.
    NEW Armor pieces and tools from kits will now display who it belongs too. Pickaxes will display who last used it and how many total blocks that player has mined this season.
    NEW Tutorial command. Players can now get a simple outline on how to play Prison. It's always beneficial to read /help afterwards.
    NEW Vaults plugin. Players can now use /vault <number> to open their vault. Players can now store any item in the vault without issues.
    NEW Player ranks will now display above the player's head. The player's health will be displayed below his username.
    NEW Combat Tag with barriers. Once you've been tagged, you'll not be able to return to the Safe Zone until your time is up.

    UPDATED Shop System. The Shop has been totally revamped. We now have a total of 11 categories with hundreds of items to choose from. Enjoy the cleaner display and easily to navigate store.
    UPDATED Rank upgrade and rank item sell prices. We've been working hard on balancing the economy. The Rankup Crate has also been revamped.
    UPDATED Prestige system and interface. Prestiging no longer costs money. Upon prestiging, you'll receive 1 Legendary Key, 50 Lux Coins, and a 3x Booster for 5 Minutes. Prestiging is now a great way to start from the beginning without paying an arm and a leg.
    UPDATED Lucky Block rewards have been updated and the messages have been revamped.
    UPDATED Player Statistics. Stats now include Times Joined, Distance Walked, Times Jumped, Blocks Broken, Mobs Killed, Fish Caught, and Damage Dealt/Taken. The footer now shows players where to view Event and Duel stats.
    UPDATED Duels
    • NEW Duels will now announce your opponent's health after sticking them with an arrow.
    • NEW Staff can now spectate players in a duel arena.
    • NEW Kit preview in Duels GUI.
    • NEW Kits have been released.
    • UPDATED Previous kits have been revamped.
    • REMOVED Multiple kits.
    UPDATED Vote Rewards
    • UPDATED /vote display message.
    • NEW Chance Rewards. Players now have a chance of earning extra lux coins every vote.
    UPDATED Chat Reaction
    • NEW We now have over 200 brand new words thanks to @BeatBop23#9652.
    • NEW Players will now have to unscramble some of the reactions.
    UPDATED Flying in the plot world. Purchase the Noble rank to access fly in the plot world.
    UPDATED There is now a longer cooldown between selling blocks by right clicking your pickaxe. Purchase a backpack for additional storage space while mining if your inventory fills up too fast.
    UPDATED /help. The help command will now provide helpful information in an organized manner. We've also included /contactus and /report commands to further benefit the community.
    UPDATED /rename. Players with access to /rename can now rename Fishing Rods.
    UPDATED Lux Shop. The categories have been revamped for navigational purposes. You can now purchase your own skull in the shop. Staff skulls will no longer appear in the shop.
    UPDATED Mob & Blood Dust System. Mob Dust is now only obtainable in the Freedom mine. Mob and Blood Dust Crates have received a major buff.
    UPDATED Gang leveling system, messages, and GUI.
    UPDATED Mine Bombs have been optimized for better player and server performance. Players can now have a maximum of 5 bombs at once on the map.

    REMOVED TeamSpeak3 Support. Discord is our main and only voice chat system.
    REMOVED Alchemy. Alchemy will be re-released with a slight twist mid-game.
    REMOVED Death messages while fighting in PvP zones. Duels will still broadcast end results.

    BUG FIX Mining blocks in protected regions will no longer give you the mined block.

    Thanks for reading everyone! Smaller updates will be posted on our Discord and Twitter found in the header of this page.
    The Lux Team
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    Maybe give us a few more lives for One In The Quiver? Because people plow through lives super fast sometimes, maybe like a small change such as 5 might do the game better.

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