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    The Tomb – Season 3 – January 6th

    Hello everyone!

    Season 3 is right around the corner. The Staff Team has been working a bunch to provide you with the best release so far. First of all, this season isn’t going to crash on launch. Season 2 took quite the hit at the start because of those pesky crashes. Rest assured, season 3 is going to be amazing. Secondly, we’ve listened to some feedback and we’ve decided to make a whole lot of game balancing updates. Lastly, we are investing a LOT more into advertisements this season. Season 3 will be the most popular and the most exciting yet!


    · We’ve updated the “look” of the tomb. We’ve updated the score board, tab, and basically every colored message in game.
    · BIG: Sell Wands now have limited uses. (Unless you buy the unlimited use sell wand.)
    · Mob spawn rates have been SLIGHTLY nerfed.
    · The server will now notify players when someone joins or leaves the server. (We plan on adding a feature to allow players to toggle this on or off.)
    · Sponges will now work with lava again!
    · We’ve taken into account some of the most recent types of glitching. We’ve taken steps to stop this.
    · Known bugs have been fixed.


    · Spawner prices have increased. (This will drastically balance the economy.)
    · Mob drop sell prices have been SLIGHTLY nerfed.
    · Farm product sell prices, such as wheat, cactus, carrots, etc., have been INCREASED. (You will now be able to make money off of farms.)
    · Hopper prices have increased.
    · Other miscellaneous item prices have changed. (Saddles, leashes, etc.)


    · Crop hoppers! These hoppers collect any dropped items in the chunk!
    · Warzone Outposts! Outposts will remain active 24/7 throughout the season unless something comes up. Factions can capture outposts to give their factions perks such as effects and money.

    · Faction Wars! (1 week after release, you will be able to face other factions in a head to head fight. This includes Capture the Flag, Blitz, King of the Hill, and Team Deathmatch.
    · Death Skulls! There is a 25% chance that a player’s skull will drop on death. Their skull can be sold for 5% of the fallen player’s balance. (This new feature should increase PvP and add an exciting element to combat.)
    · BOSSES! We will be releasing 5 bosses on release! Bosses can be found in crates, envoys, and special events!
    · Player bounties! Players will now be able to set a price on any online player’s head. Use /bounty for more information.
    · EVENTS! Yes, that’s right, we will be doing more events with Streamers and YouTubers.


    · Alt factions are no longer allowed. This means players will no longer be able to use their alt factions to help protect or benefit your main faction.
    · Auto Cannons are no longer allowed. Cannons must shoot semi automatically.
    · Printer will now be allowed.
    · Attempting to split your faction to gain both FTop #1 and #2 is NOT allowed.
    · Players are now allowed to have up to 5 active accounts on the server at once.
    · Console clients are no longer allowed on the server.

    Thanks for reading this update post! If you guys didn’t see your ideas above, please message any of the staff members and we’ll consider it.
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    Perfect update


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    +1 ty!
    Fmi is prisons still coming out early Jan?
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    It'll probably come out end January begin February.

  5. Nice I can't wait for the new season.

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