Sorta admit to Dupe And Advertisement

Discussion in 'Player Reports' started by Doggy, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Doggy

    Doggy Member

    1. IGN (Your in-game name): FlyDoggo
    2. The rulebreaker’s IGN: UnluckyClutch
    3. Why do you think the user should be punished? He advertised and also Says there is a dupe glitch he just joined today and has 128mil for f top value is that not fishy
    4. Evidence (Screenshots/videos): Dupe Advertisement
  2. CrazyConnor

    CrazyConnor Admin ADMIN

    Hello Doggy,

    UnluckyClutch is new but i can confirm that i have been online a lot today whilst he has been online and he has won a lot of money through coin flips, this is a mini game that is largely luck based and he won a lot, so it's hard to claim that is through a dupe glitch just because he said there is one in chat, more evidence would be needed here.

    Also, it is wrong of him to have mentioned another server in that manor on The Tomb and it will be dealt with accordingly, but that isn't an official advertisement so it will not fall under that category.

    I will deal with this situation, thanks for your post

    Kind Regards,

  3. Lqsers

    Lqsers New Member

    Like Connor said he will take care of it, I will have this thread locked by a moderator.
    Thank you, Doggy.
  4. v0lv / gsz

    v0lv / gsz Member

    Alright, I know I shouldn't be posting but let me say something. He was /f top 6 mil and then he jumped to 50mil if I am sure.
  5. SnakeBoyx

    SnakeBoyx Helper HELPER

    GSZ, although you aren't allowed to reply to these, i will give you the reason, just don't reply to this, dm if you wish to talk further, but the reason UnluckyClutch went up 50million is because he purchased 70+ tomb keys, 15x Mystery Spawners and much more on the server (I was online when he purchased it all), he then made an unclaimed underground base and placed all of his (if not most) spawners, he spend a lot of money on the server within 30 minutes of joining The Tomb, that is why he jumped so much on /f top.


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