RECRUITING Spark gang is doing a comeback

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by NosMaki, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. NosMaki

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    U guessed by the title boys Spark gang is doing a comeback all the og just leave your own format on the comments no squeakers all the spark ogs just leave your name ill add you to the roster prob getting so of my HCF GODS so yeah we will dominate the pvp side of the server if u r new and u want to join just apply down with your own format u have to be good at the pvp tho

    if I haven't listed u just pm me on discord


    *Whis_san (prob if he wants)
    * v0lv
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  2. Doggy

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  3. Lqsers

    Lqsers New Member

    Nice, have fun!
  4. Dr_Blackburn

    Dr_Blackburn New Member

    World icons Are gonna find your base Hahaha
  5. TheDeltaKid

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  6. Dr_Blackburn

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    Watch out for Season 3 boiii
  7. MrMendiola

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    Good luck on season 3!

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