SUPER OP Crate Rewards

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by JayCondale, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. JayCondale

    JayCondale Mod+ | Videographer MOD

    Hi there,

    As most of the 1.7 players have seen, you can't view the rewards for the Super OP crate!
    So I'm here to list them all. The rewards can also be found here then click the Super OP Crate!

    Anyways, you can get lots of useful items from the crate! Here is the list;

    • $15,000,000
    • 5x Tomb Crate keys
    • Shockwave Pickaxe (9x9)
    • Sell wand (1,000 uses)
    • 15x Mystery Mob Spawners
    • Boss bundle
    • Jelly legs
    • TNT Fill
    • Potion Stacker
    • All particle trails
    • Phantom rank

    That's the list, hope I helped for the people who can't view the rewards ingame!
  2. SnakeBoyx

    SnakeBoyx Helper HELPER

    The only thing i would not want to win, would be Phantom Rank (because I'm a higher rank) and the particle trails, everything else is like 3x the price than the actually key!
  3. MrMendiola

    MrMendiola New Member

    lol no it's not

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