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Discussion in 'Denied' started by UniqxeArts, Jan 11, 2018.

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  1. UniqxeArts

    UniqxeArts New Member

    1. Basic Information:
    • Minecraft Username:UniqxeArts
    • Previous Usernames: DerpySquidClan
    • Age (15+):14 (will be 15 from birthday)
    • Timezone: (Gmt) Greenwich Mean Time
    • Discord tag: UniqxeArts#9237
    • Playtime (/statz): 8.25Hours
    2. Have you ever been punished on The Tomb? Yes/ No. (If so, explain what happened)
    3. Do you have any previous moderation experience? Yes / No. (If so, explain as much as possible and if you have any kind of proof add it as well)Yes I have helped out other minor servers.

    4. How much time will you be able to spend per week in-game and how much on the forums?
    Around 2-3hours daily so 14-21 hours weekly.

    5. In what ways will your presence benefit our Staff team and server?
    I have experience in catching hackers and helping confused players

    6. Why should we accept you over someone else?
    Because I will be a trustworthy helper and help the team/community

    7. Have you made any previous applications? Yes / No. (If so, please provide a link)

    8. Did a Staff member refer you to apply? (If this is the case, please tell us which staff member referred you).
    Yes JayCondale

    9. Do you have any issues with the current Staff team?
    No I enjoy their company and think they're excellent at their job

    10. Scenario: People are accusing a player of using hacks, you spectate the player for a couple of minutes and see him using Kill Aura. How would you handle this situation?
    As I am only helper I wouldn't confront the hacker I would inform a higher staff member about the hacker for them to deal with it
  2. JayCondale

    JayCondale Mod+ | Videographer MOD

    Hi there,

    Please add more detail to your application, you're currently lacking detail. If you added more detail, which you can edit your application for, then I'll give a full reply

    You also forgot Question 11 and 12
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
  3. SnakeBoyx

    SnakeBoyx Helper HELPER

    Exactly what JayCondale said, without detail we will not accept you, the more detail and effort you put into your application, the better your chances of staff, instead of making a completely new application, just edit this one.

  4. Staady

    Staady Co-Owner | Lead Builder CO-OWNER

    Understand that we use this detail that SnakeBoyx and JayCondale are talking about, to base our trust on. We can not accept someone we do not know anything about. Even with Trial, you will have a lot of responsibilities and power.
    You need to help us paint a picture of who you are as a person in these applications. The more you do that, the more likely it will be that we'll accept you to the team.

    Thread has been locked and denied due to application lacking detail.
    You can apply for staff again in 30 days.
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